Josh Comeau
May 4, 2020
Maiden voyage!
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Josh Comeau
Issue #001

Hi there!

This newsletter has been around for a couple years now, but it's been kind of an afterthought. I've put a bunch of work into my blog this year, and now it's time for the newsletter to get some attention as well!

If this email is not rendering properly, I'd really appreciate if you could let me know! You can reply straight to this email 😄 Please let me know what device/browser/email client you're using, and what the problem is.

I'll talk more about the newsletter in a bit. First, some new content!

New Posts

Since my last issue, four new posts have been published:

Accessible Animations in React react

I am an animation fanboy, but not when it comes at the expense of a user's wellbeing. This blog post explains how animations can be harmful, and how to mitigate that harm in our apps. We'll explore solutions for all kinds of animations and technologies.

Why my Blog is Closed Source miscellaneous

Since relaunching my blog, I've gotten lots of questions about why my blog isn't open-source. This is admittedly a pretty self-indulgent blog post, but I tried to keep it interesting: it talks about how my blog got hacked by a prolific feature-uncoverer 😮

Incredimental Builds! gatsby

Two weeks ago, Gatsby unveiled “Incremental Builds”, a feature that has been in active development for a very long time. It's a super exciting development, but I fear that some of the subtleties about what makes it so cool was getting lost in the dialogue. This blog post shines a light on what this is and why it matters.

The Quest for the Perfect Dark Mode gatsby, react

I've been itching to write this post for months! It's a deep dive into the surprisingly complex problem of wiring up a bulletproof, flicker-free, tweakable Dark Mode. On the way, we'll learn a lot about Gatsby and React.

Post Preview

In 2018, I wrote a blog post about conference-speaking. I've been thinking about it a lot; as dark as the current moment in history is, there's a silver lining when it comes to folks looking to boost their careers with conference talks. I've dusted this blog post off and updated it to include how my feelings have changed in the intervening years, and how COVID-19 has affected things.


Two weeks ago, I sent a newsletter with a new email service provider; I was sick of paying ConvertKit $50 a month.

Unfortunately, that provider didn't work out; for most of you, that email went straight to the spam box 😬

I'm back to ConvertKit now, so I don't anticipate any more deliverability problems (you get what you pay for, I guess!). If you're keen to read that issue—it contained a mini-essay on conference speaking!—you can view it online.

Maiden Voyage

With this spiffy new email format, I figured it was time to start numbering things. So, even though I've sent dozens of newsletters in the past, I hereby christen this Issue #001.

Overall, not too much will change: the newsletter will remain a place where I share updates from my blog, with sneak peeks of upcoming articles and tutorials. The biggest change is around schedule: I'm hoping to send these every 2 weeks.

I currently aim to publish at least 1 post a week, so hopefully each issue will have 2 new blog posts, with 1 unreleased early draft.

My blog has two kinds of content, broadly speaking:

  • Technical tutorials for React, CSS, Javascript, Gatsby…
  • High-level career insights

I'm hoping to keep this somewhat balanced; ideally, each issue will include something for everyone. But if not, I hope y'all enjoy the cutesy images for each post, even if the post itself doesn't pique your interest 😄

Finally, these issues now exist on the web! If your web browser can't display the images, or if you'd just prefer to read them in-browser, this will be an option for every issue going forwards. In the future, I hope to catalog them, so that folks can browse them like magazines, search through them, stuff like that.

🚢 Thanks for being a subscriber, I'm excited to keep developing this newsletter!